Anger towards privileged groups is a result of years of oppression and hatred.

Anger towards minorities is supported by years of oppression and hatred.

That’s why hatred towards privileged groups is not the same as hatred towards minorities

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According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, women who LEAVE their abusive partners are at a 75% greater risk of being killed than those who stay.

Why Do Victims Stay (via thesurvivorsmark)

Well that’s just lovely.

(via survivorsupport)

Please stop asking why people stay, this is why.

(via sugahwaatah)

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One. Do not promise when you’re happy.
Two. When you are angry, do not respond.
Three. Do not decide when you’re sad.

Wisdom (via parlouz)

real shit

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Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

Robin Sharma (via explore-everywhere)
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I’ve been thinkin

If you’re a young white female like me, on the poverty line but still privileged, you start to realize there are some things you can control, but they are only self things.

So you put yourself out there and you keep getting kicked in the face. It’s tempting to close yourself off, to harden yourself and come prepared to the next emotional situation. But someone, somewhere, accepts you for exactly who you are.

And all that searching just brings you back to you. Only you can accept yourself the way you want to be accepted.

And I do. And when I do, sometimes other people catch on. And if they don’t, oh well, you can’t force love.

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